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What People Say About Us
...very professional, thorough and commited to the work... detail oriented and tenacious and making sure tasks were completed successfully and on time with development including SQL Server analysis, development, troubleshooting as well as ASP and .Net development.
Tadd D.
...has a true understanding of how to implement a broad range of information technologies to support business processes. ...approaches work with dedication and conscientiousness.
David S.
...outstanding database and software development skills with an ability and attitude to get it done right and on time.
Jim E.
About Us
Memory is defined as "the ability to retain knowledge: the ability of the mind or of a person or organism to retain learned information and knowledge of past events and experiences and to retrieve that information and knowledge"* It is necessary to have memory in order to acquire more advanced skills such as reading, writing, math, and so on. This is true for Business Intelligence as well. In order for a company to make an informed decision or to create a corporate strategy, they must first look at their company's memory, or its historical data. Once they review and analyze their historical data, they can make better informed decisions that can help form their corporate strategy.

Mnemosyne Solutions is a Business Intelligence consulting firm. We focus on helping our clients retrieve their historical data, analyze it, and use the information gleaned from it in a way that adds value to their business. Our experienced consultants can assist in creating a Business Intelligence strategy for your company, communicating with the business, and help in implementing the technical aspects of your BI environment. We also develop dashboards, reports, and user analysis tools and are familiar with well-known Business Intelligence technologies such as the Microsoft BI Stack and QlikView. We have support staff that can assist your users and administrators once the technical aspect of your implementation is complete or your dashboards, reports, and analysis tools have been rolled out.

*"Memory." Encarta® World English Dictionary[North American Edition] 23 Mar. 2011.
Partnerships and Certifications and Brands

QlikView Technology Partner

Our staff are also certified: QlikView Server/Publisher Enterprise Certification (version 9 & 10), Developer Certification (version 9 & 10), Designer Certification (version 9 & 10), Trainer Certification (version 9 & 10), Support Certification (version 9), Pre-Sales Certification (version 9)

Microsoft Certifications

We have several Micorosoft certifications including SQL Server, Application Development, and Windows Azure.

Turning Geek

Turning Geek is our training division.

Minority Owned Certification

We are a certified minority owned business.

Woman's Owned Certification

We are a certified women's owned business.