Software Development
  • -Specialize in cloud, mobile, internet and native application development and services
  • -Employ agile development methodologies for the best results
  • -Build custom macros and custom extensions to support business intelligence dashboards
We offer a wide range of support services [...]
Business Intelligence
  • -We can analyze your business requirements
  • -Retrieve and consolidate the data from your different data sources
  • -Design ETL (extract, transform, and load) processes
  • -Optimize the data for your dashboard, reporting, and analysis needs
  • -Visualize the data for your dashboard and reports
  • -Provide best practices for design, development, publishing, administration, and governance within your BI environment
Data Management
  • -Manage your data
  • -Track and monitor your data
  • -Optimize the storage of your data
  • -Plan for growth of your data
  • -Implement a disaster recovery plan for your data